Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yaa for small victories!

Yaa for tiny victories!

We have had ups and downs on our EC journey, but this week has been amazing!  Eowyn is 13months!

I have been off work since tuesday, so today is my 3rd day off.  Tuesday we did alot of cleaning and alot of ecing, I had her in her tiny panties but I'm starting to think they might be too tight and actually making her miss more.

Weds morning after breakfast she went over to her potty and sat on it and went, she had on a diaper, but it let me know she knows what the potty is for, so the rest of the day, except nap/mealtimes, she was bare bottomed with a dress on!  We only had one big accident after dinner, a #2 and it was a mess!

Today, it's 1:34pm and she has peed and pooed in her potty all day except our little outing to lunch.  So one dirty diaper all day today, and no misses!  She even went and sat on the potty twice and pooed by herself!

I am so glad I had these few days off to really focus on this!  I'm actually off all next week then vacation the week after that so were going to make great strides twards being totally diaperless over the next 2 weeks!

Wish us luck!

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