Thursday, July 7, 2011

Much needed update

So I havent been great about doing a daily or even weekly blog. Sometimes theres not enough hours in the day it seems like. I love my family, and am 100% dedicated to spending time with my sweet baby when shes awake, so I am going to try to blog at night or during the nap times.

ECing has been going great! We are catching almost 80%, not including nights. Im at a loss as to how to approach night time EC. My lo usually sleeps though the night, although lateley shes been up a few times a night. I like to blame that on those nasty teeth!

I dont want to wake her to potty her, and shes still getting a cup of milk before bed, so until I take that last cup away I know theres no chance of staying dry over night.

So the EC adventure has been wonderful for us. I wish i knew more people who did it! Its amazing!


  1. it IS amazing!! we dont do nights at all. sometimes he wakes up dry and sometimes he doesnt. when he does wake up at 4 am and wants to eat, sometimes his diaper is dry but he is crying too much to try potty. i have tried but big fail. so my idea: NO WAY SHOULD YOU WAKE HER TO GO PEE! LOL. that would be crazy!!!

  2. Night time EC hasn't worked for me either, only occasionally I've managed to get my daughter out of bed to take her to the toilet. It used to be the reason for a big tantrum, she wouldn't want to leave her bed, but she wouldn't want to wet her nappy either... of course, but the end of the tantrum it was all done. Eventually, she decided that she preferred to stay in bed, so I am leaving it for when she wants to cooperate. Especially now that it's winter here and way too cold. I might give it a little push once it gets warmer. Mind you, she is 2 already and toilet trained during the day.