Wednesday, July 20, 2011

worded weds lol!

I havent updated for a few, so Im doing it now. Eowyn is in bed napping, im watching a show on TLC, and playing on the computer.

So ECing hasnt been going great the last few weeks. I made a concious decision at 16 months, shes 15 now, we are going full steam with EC. We will do diaperless at home, and trainers when out with covers. I would like Eowyn to be potty trained by 18mos, but im not going to push it. I think she would be close to it now, but I will admit im lazy! Lol!

In other news, we just bought Eowyn a kitchen, and she LOVES it. She played with it all day yesterday. We bought it used from a second hand shop and it will last for years to come. I plan on opening an in home daycare in a few months after we move, so it was a smart purchace for that as well. Im hoping to get filled fast due to being cd friendly and all my years of experience as a nanny.

So to sum it up, noting super exciting has been happening here. Oh i did make about 40 cloth wipes in a week, that was awesome. And I plan to try and make some cloth trainers for E, in a few weeks.

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  1. My daughter was fully aware of her bodily functions, but she didn't actually get it why she should be going to the toilet until she was 20 months. Then one day it clicked... I didn't have to do anything other than go with the flow.

    Kids just love kitchens, we have a second hand one and it has been one of our best purchases ever.

    Thanks for commenting on my post at Home Grown Families, that's hilarious men talking about menstrual products. Most would have nothing to do with it.