Friday, February 18, 2011

Brand new to this

Ok so this is my first blog.  I am brand new to this so you will have to bare with me.

I decided to start this blog to chronicle my day to day struggle/reward with Elimination Communication.

I have been practicing this with my now 10mo old since about 4.5-5mos old.  We werent very hardcore about it at first.  It started out that I knew when my lo was going to poo, so I would rush her into the toliet and let her go in there instead.  Well that was before she started eating solid foods, and her poo has changed dramaticlly.  I dont think I have caught one of those in a few months!

Earlier this week we caught 7pees through the course of a day, only used 4 diapers all day long, which was awesome, to be followed by the next day when she would sit on the potty and pretty much refuse to go.  She would sit there for what seemed like forever and not go, but atleast she was sitting and trying.

We start the day off by sitting on her potty in her room, on the changing table.  Usually I can catch that first pee and go from there.  Well last 2 days, again she just wont go.  So I am starting from the begining again.  I need to figure out her signals, and we are going to get more hardcore about this whole EC adventure!

I think this will get easier as the weather here in Indiana gets warmer.  I wont have to dress her as warm and she can run around with reg panties on instead of a diaper, or bare bumed!  I hope some of you want to follow me in this journey!  Its going to be fun!!



    i feel the same way about wanting it to be spring so we can just be outside with babying wearing regular training pants and very little clothing. i worry too much about accidents on my carpet to have him go in his training pants or diaperless now! every so often i let him but only when he is on a blanket playing :)

  2. yaa, so excited! Its such a fun journey!