Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend mission!!

I just read this article!  So happy ec is being put out there main stream!

We have been struggling the last few days with lo's ec.  I work 3 days/week as a nanny and it's very hard to ec while watching my lo who's 10mo and a 9mo old as well.

We ec after every nap, and I have been starting to sit her on the potty while having her bottle or after eating food to offer her a chance, a pottyournity if you will.  I just do not feel comfortable with her being bare behind at my work with her still having accidents so frequently.

My husband and I discusses our plans for the weekend and I told him when I get home tonight, through me going to work on Tuesday afternoon, I want lo to be diaperless so we can really figure out her signals and try to help her make that connection between peeing and using the potty.  I'm sure we will go out of the house atleast once or twice and use diapers, but she's great at staying dry when were out!

I am also part time ec'ing the 9mo old I watch, I take her after naps same as mine, we however had to make a different sound for her, my lo's sound is pssss, the others sound is teetee, works out great so I'm not queuing them both at the same time, since we only have one bblp!

I just wanted to give a quick update!  I will update with pics over the weekend to let you know how it's goin!!

Have a great one!

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  1. Pics sound fun! I hope your weekend is going well. That's neat that you are ECing with the little one, too. :)

    I just read that article, too, but I felt it made it sound like the reason to do EC was to get into preschool! argh! I think I mis-interpretted. It's great that EC is getting some coverage. I should just focus on that :)

    So happy to follow your blog! Keep it up!