Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clean clean clean!

So yesterday my lo went to Nanas so my husband and I could clean the house and work on some serious babyproofing.  She is going everywhere and getting into everything she can find.  So needless to say we did not practice EC except before and after she got back.  But she was in her little panties all the time before and after!

She has been doing so great since we started back pretty hardcore on the ec.  Friday at work she crawled to the potty and was patting it and looking at me so I put her on it and she went.  I dont know if it was a fluke accident or if she really was telling me hey I gotta go, but I was so excited about it.

She has been in her big girl panties all morning so far, she started to go once, and I caught her and put her on the potty and she finished, its getting so much easier to catch her signals since she can run around with just the panites and no pants on.


Were prolly going to go out for breakfast, my husband is very crazy about breakfast food and we just recently found out that one of our favorite pancake places made a new building close by.   So exciting!

Untill next time, wish us luck!

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