Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday update

So it's Sunday, almost 2pm and were in our cd's after 3back to back misses on the floor.  We did great yesterday, had way more catches than misses, even went out for breakfast and shopping and she stayed dry most of the trip!

Today however wasn't as great.  She peed first thing in the morning and then we went to church, she of course peed there which I expected so I changed her before we left.  She fell asleep on the ride home, so I brought her in and put her in her room still asleep and went to get my hair cut.  When I got back she had pooed in potty but not peed since we left church, and then had 3 misses right in a row, so we put the diaper on and are going to start again after her nap.

I wish we could ec full time but I dont know if it will ever happen until she is able to communicate to me better that she has to go.  I am not picking up her signs, she has none, that I see.  But even if we only go before and after bed and naps, she still will know she can go somewhere else than just her diaper.

Wish us better luck this afternoon and I have all day tomorrow to spend dedicated to ec as well!

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